Assassins Creed: Revolution


Assassin's Creed: Revolution is a new AC game. This features a close relative of Desmond, Jeremy, who is put to the Animus. His father's ancestors were French, as the game takes place in France.


In the Animus, Francios is a master assassin, at the beginning, half of the Creed is murdered in a sudden attack by Templars, Francois decides that they should strike back at the templars to prevent upcoming events. They launch at them, and are put in one of the gloriest battles the Creed may ever face.

In the real world there are 2 main plots.

Plot #1 - Jeremy is experiencing effects from the Animus, which whenever he awakes, he might feel his ancestors blood and sense that the people around him are Templars trying to kill, as the group tries to keep him under control.

Plot #2 - The group is trying to run away from the cops because they stole the Animus for use in this experiment.


"There will be upcomings."

"Stop trying to kill me!"

"It's okay, my friend. Your life will escape you, just let it slip."

Ezio, Altair, and Desmond will have no place in the formatting of this game.
Game produced by Ubisoft