What if Disney released the film "Barney's Great Adventure" onto its Disney Renesiance era, and made it into an animated movie instead of live action.


  • This film would be the same as the live-action Polygom film, except with the Season 3 Barney and BJ voices (both used in Up We Go!) and the Season 2-3 Baby Bop voice, the whole film was animated the same style as in The Little Mermaid, Hercules and many more Disney animated features. Plus, Riff will be added, and also, the plane will land on the ground and back safely home. Plus, Cody would not have been mean to Barney, instead, he would be nice to him the whole. Also, the Fag's diaper change would be not seen. And Barney would've not been seen coming to life, instead, he is going to the farm to meet Abby and Marcella, to introduce Cody. At the end, Barney and his friends would've celebrate the victory about saving the egg.
  • The 2nd animated Barney would've resembled his Season 3 costume.
  • The 2nd animated Baby Bop and BJ would've also resembled their Season 4-6 costumes.



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