The cast of Beauty and the Panda(Special Edition) story.

Adult Kiara (The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride)-Belle

Po(Kung Fu Panda)-The Beast

Adult Copper(The Fox and the Hound)-Lumere


Tigress(Kung Fu Panda)-Ms.Potts

Young Bagheera(Jungle Cubs)-Chip

Lady(Lady and the Tramp)-Fifi

Vixey(The Fox and the Hound)-The Wardrobe

The Wolf Packs(Alpha and Omega)-Other Enchanted Objects

Master Shifu(Kung Fu Panda)-Maurice

Scar(The Lion King)-Gaston


Tai Lung(Kung Fu Panda)-Monsier D'Arque

Dumbo- Sultan

Thomas O'Mally(The Aristocats)-Lumere(Human)

Adult Todd(The Fox and the Hound)-Cogsworth(Human)

Saywer(Cat's Don't Dance)-Ms.Potts(Human)

Oliver(Oliver and Company)-Chip(Human)

Koda(Brother Bear)-Sultain(Dog)

Shenzi(The Lion King)-The Beggar Woman

Blue Fairy(Pinocchio)-The Enchantress

Bagheera(The Jungle Book)-The Prince

Panthy(Noahs Ark)-Fifi(Human)

Duchess(The AristoCats),Viper(Kung Fu Panda),Maid Maren(Robin Hood)-The Bimbettes

Great Prince of the Forest(Bambi)-Philipe