This is a Television Series, it was set between Gumball the Dragon 3: The Watterson of Notre Dame Part 2 & Gumball the Dragon 4: Gumball and Rapunzel and taken from The Amazing World of Gumball and Other tv shows and movies.


  • Gumball the Dragon (Alive)
  • Cynder the Dragon (Alive)
  • Spyro the Dragon (Alive)
  • Spike (Alive)
  • Discord (Alive)
  • Toothless (Alive)
  • Hookfang (Alive)
  • Barf & Blef (Alive)
  • Meatlug (Alive)
  • Cloudjumper (Alive)
  • Skullcrusher (Alive)
  • Madison Waltson (Alive)
  • Grump (Alive)
  • Elora (Alive)
  • Hunter (Alive)
  • Bianca (Alive)
  • Money Bags (Alive)
  • The Professor (Alive)
  • Zoe & Fairy Friends (Alive)


  • Biggest Sharptooth (Deceased)
  • Cool Gray Sharptooth (Deceased)
  • Orange Brown Sharptooth (Deceased)
  • Metallic Khaki Sharptooth (Deceased)
  • Red Claw (Deceased)
  • Velciraptors (Deceased)
  • Sharpteeth (Deceased)
  • Screech & Thud (Deceased)
  • Gnasty Gnorc (Deceased)
  • Ripto (Deceased)
  • The Sorceress (Deceased)
  • Crush & Gulp (Deceased)
  • Red Death & Muddy Bewilderbeast (Deceased)
  • Dark Dragon (Alive)
  • Mane-iac/Chernabog (Deceased)
  • The Screaming Death (Alive)
  • Jack-in-the-Box (Deceased)
  • The Firebird (Deceased)

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