Jen Tolley
Background information
Born Jennifer Lucille Tolley
September 16, 1961 (age 55)
Glendale, California, United States
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Cause of death
Nationality American, Canadian
Alternate names J.L. Tolley, Jenn Tolley, Jennifer Tolley, Jenni Lucy Tolley
Occupation(s) Actress, Voice Actress, Singer, Comedian
Years active 1986–present
Spouse(s) Tom Clifford (1986–2005) (divorced)
Partner(s) Catherine McGille (1986–present)
Children 2

Jennifer Lucille Tolley (born September 16, 1961) is an American-Canadian voice actress best known for the voice of Soleil Spacebot in the 1986 TV Series, The Spacebots, which is produced by Nelvana. She also did the voice of Proud Heart Cat in The Care Bears Family (1986-1988). In August 19, 1986, she married Tom Clifford and had 2 children. In 1989, she voiced Princess Ginella in the Nelvana-produced Care Bears special, The Care Bears and Ginella, Princess of The Kingdom of Caring. In 2007, she did her voice work in Electronic Arts, like MySims Wii. She did Makoto and a female player voice type 3. In 2008, She portrayed T.O.B.O.R. and Proto-Makoto in MySims Kingdom. In 2009, she did female player voice type 4 in MySims Party and also portrayed T.O.B.O.R. and Makoto in MySims Racing and MySims Agents. In 2010, She also played T.O.B.O.R. and Proto-Makoto in MySims SkyHeroes. She is also the current voice of Proud Heart Cat, Harmony Bear , Polite Panda and Daydream Bear from the Nelvana produced Care Bears series.

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