Kiara & CompanyEdit


  • Young Kiara(The Lion King 2)-Oliver
  • Po(Kung Fu Panda)-Dodger
  • Tigress(Kung Fu Panda)-Rita
  • Robin Hood(Disney's Robin Hood)-Francis
  • Timmon(The Lion King)-Tito
  • Rodger(Who Framed Rodger Rabbit)-Einstien
  • Ralph(Wreck-It-Ralph)-Fagin
  • Margo(Despicable Me)-Jenny
  • Marline(Pengiuns of Madagascar)-Georgette
  • Ancient One(TMNT 2003)-Winston
  • Shredder(TMNT 2012)-Sykes
  • Dogpound and Fishface(TMNT 2012)-Rossco and Desoto


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