Lion Cubs in Wonderland

Young Simba,Young Nala,Young Kovu,Young Kiara(The Lion King 1&2)-Alice

Sarabi(The Lion King)-Alice's Sister


Spongebob(Spongebob Squarepants)-White Rabbit

Geine(Aladdin)-The Doorknob

Dodger(Oliver and Company)-Dodo Bird

Jimmy and Jerry Gourd(VeggieTales)-Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

Po(Kung Fu Panda)-The Walrus

Bagheera(The Jungle Book)-The Carpender

Marie,Berlioz,Touluse,Oliver(The Aristocats & Oliver and Company)-The Oysters

Duchess(The Aristocats)-Mother Oyster

Robin Hood(Robin Hood)-Bill the Lizzard

Shira(Ice Age:Continental Drift)-The Rose

Manny(A Bugs Life)-The Caterpiller

Fransis(A Bugs Life)-The Caterpiller as a Butterfly

Zazu(The Lion King)-Bird in the Tree

Thomas O'Mally(The Aristocats)-The Chesire Cat

Sid(Ice Age)-Mad Hatter

Pumbba(The Lion King)-March Hare

Plankton(Spongebob Squarepants)-The Doormouse

Tigger,Sparky,Monkey(Winnie the Pooh,FairlyOdd Parents,Kung Fu Panda)-Card Painters

Vitani(The Lion King)-Queen of Hearts

Timmon(The Lion King)-The King of Hearts