Lord Solaris is a calm but kind calculable alicorn king, and a kind colleague to Princess Celestia.


When he's a colt, his parent died and the white knights saved him and took him to the Royal Guard Academy. Until, he first met a girl filly named Celestia on the night he flew all away to the Cloudsdale track. And they both fell in love with each other and married in secret, but they didn't even notice that her sister Luna saw her and solaris hanging together.Desperate of her sister's action and fueled by jealousy, she consorted to Shadowfright, an evil spirit of nightmares,then had first endow her magic and in result transforming into Nightmare Moon.

 When Nightmare moon vaporizes Solaris for destroying her night solistic with the power of darkness, Princess Celestia,in contrast of watching Solaris's dust, have  engaged for a battle for solaris life, but she's not intend to destroy her sister but also sent her to the moon.

Solaris's Spirit of finding a body was relentless and all he ever found was a human vessal of a 20 year old man, which he discovered that his spirit was already taken over by a horned male siren named Forte Luster.

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