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An untitled sequel to the sixth installment in the Spider-Man film series was announced by Sony. It was to be released on May 9, 2019, but has been pushed back to an unknown time. The film was written by James Vanderbilt and directed by Paul Greengrass. It stars Tobey MaguireRebecca HallKate BeckinsaleHugo WeavingGwyneth Paltrow, Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal. It is the first film of the series to take place after Spider-Man: The Justice Awakening, with the three previous installments being set between Spider-Man 4 and The Justice Awakening.

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After defeating Doomsday and his crew, Spider-Man (Tobey Maguire), Selene (Kate Beckinsale) and the rest crew are able to return to the United States and live the normal life again as they had wanted, but Liz Allen older mother, Paul Stacy (Hugo Weaving), is after Peter, seeking revenge for the death of his brother, putting the entire crew in danger once more. After learning of Selene's death, the crew sets out to find the man who killed one of their own, before he finds them first.

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On July 4, 2019, Robert Schwentke, the franchise's director since Spider-Man: The Future Evolution (2015), announced that he would not return to direct a Spider-Man 7, as the studio wanted to produce the film on an accelerated schedule for release in summer 2021 which would have required Lin to begin pre-production on the sequel while performing post-production on Spider-Man: The Justice Awakening which he considered would affect the quality of the final product. Despite the usual four to five year gap between the previous installments, Columbia chose to pursue a sequel quicker due to having fewer reliable franchises than its competitor studios. However, subsequent interviews with Lin have suggested that the sixth installment was always intended to be the final entry directed by him. In July 2019, Paul Greengrass, predominantly known for horror films, was announced as the sequel's director, with Moritz returning to produce and James Vanderbilt returning to write the script, his fifth in the series. Maguire and Beckinsale were also confirmed to return to star.

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