Premiere Date:  2015


After a team of Archaeologists return from Peru, strange things begin to happen! But when TinTin meets Professor Calculus, a scientific Professor who claims to know something about the mystery of the Archaeologists, TinTin is onto the case! But as Professor Calculus gets kidnapped and taken to Peru, TinTin, Captain Haddock and Snowy go searching for the Professor. But when they arrive in Peru, the Adventure begins!


Jamie Bell as TinTin (voice)

Andy Serkis as Captain Haddock (voice)

Nick Frost as Thomson (voice)

Simon Pegg as Thompson (voice)

Hugh Laurie as Professor Cuthbert Calculus (voice)

Victoria Thaine as Irma (voice)

Rik Mayall as Jolyon Wagg (voice)

Enn Reitel as Nestor (voice)

Suraj Sharma as Zorrino (voice)

Irrfan Khan as Huascar (voice)

Harrison Ford as Professor Hercules Tarragon (voice)

Jackie Chan as Rupac Inca Hucao (voice)

Adil Hussain as the Noble Prince of the Sun (voice)


Director: Peter Jackson

Producer: Steven Spielberg

Co Producer: Carolynne Cunningham

Executive Producer: Ken Kamins

Screenplay: Steven Moffat, Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish

Based on the Comic Books by Hergè.

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