The Amazing Climax of Gumball is the final episode of The Amazing World of Gumball.


It all starts with Gumball & Darwin just doing their normal things as usual. They had alot planned for the summer: Gumball was going finally ask Penny out, Darwin decides to got to beach, Anais is recording all new Daisy the Donkey episodes, Nicole finally decides to take a break from work & Richard just wants to relax. However, we hear Bobert's voice as he explains that the Wattersons' vacation is just about to be ruined & it will be tramuatizing. Gumball & Darwin play Dodge or Dare, but a strange glow interrupts them. They dig where the glow was coming from & found uranium, but they tossed it aside, because they had to get going.

Gumball went to Penny's house so that they can finally go on a date, Darwin went to the beach & Anais and their parents stayed, but little did they know that uranium that Gumball & Darwin tossed aside was ominously becoming unstable. Bobert, who snook around the house, placed a timer on the uranium to see how long until it detonates. There was only 10 seconds. So, he heads to a bomb shelter just as Gumball & Penny were just to finally kiss. The uranium explodes, hitting Anais, Nicole & Richard, then darwin & finally Gumball & Penny. This sent everyone except Bobert flying. When the Doughnut Policeman arrived, Gumball & Darwin were arrested for destroying Elmore.

After Gumball & Darwin were sent to what's left of the jail, Larry dies from radiation poisoning, so a martial law was put down. Optimus Prime who transforms into a Peterbilit 379 Semi-Truck, Bumblebee who transforms into a Chevrolet Camaro, Ratchet who transforms into a Hummer H2, Sideswipe who transforms into a Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Convertible & The Wreckers who transform into Weaponized Chevy Impala Race Cars then patrolled the ruins of Elmore as they make an truce with Megatron who transforms into a Mack Titan Tanker Truck, only surviving Decepticon from the battle of Chicago. There were new Autobots arriving which were Flak who transforms into a BRMD-2 APC, Rodimus who transforms into a Ferrai 458 Italia, Powerglide who transforms into a A-10 Thunderbolt II, Guzzle who transforms into a M1A1 Abrams Tank , Air Raid who transforms into a AWACS Radar Plane, Skyhammer, Arcee & Omega Supreme. The new Decepticons were Thundercracker, Darksteel & Vortex.

1 year later,