The Amazing World of Gumball is a 2017 FanFiction by Xavierfan


action, adventure, comedy, drama, mystery, romance, science fiction.


So HIM decides to find its own purpose in life, and carry out its revenge on Nicole (Gumball's mother) by destroying life on earth by using a deadly storm. Gumball, Darwin, Penny and there friends must then try to save Nicole.


HIM gets angry when he sees something on one of Nicole Watterson but often times he uses Gumball's innocence to move the plans along. The next day, Pretty much all of Elmore go to Hawaii to have the best vacation with Gumball and Darwin with Penny, Bobert, Rachel, Carrie and Duncan.

Characters and CastEdit

Gumball is a blue cat. On his oversized head, he has six whiskers, but only five are visible because his head is always at an angle. He usually wears gray trousers coupled with a tan sweater which is bordered with brown on the cuffs and collar (Which is shockingly revealed in The Date to have been found by his dad in a sewage outlet). Like his mother and father, Gumball doesn't wear shoes, and is the only member of the Wattersons (including Darwin) without visible eyelashes.

Darwin is a goldfish with legs. His goldfish-shaped head takes up his entire body, with his fins and legs hanging down from it. He has retained his goldfish tail and fins, the latter of which he now uses as arms and hands. His legs are much longer than his body, ending with plain feet matching the color and texture of the rest of his body. Usually, though, he covers them with green and white sneakers. A common misconception is that he also wears a black shirt, but that is actually just a shadow casted by his big head.

Penny is an anthropomorphic peanut. Like the rest of her family, Penny has a set of antlers growing out of her head. Her body is a sort of shell, although what she looks like underneath this shell is not currently known. Since she has a shell, it is covered in various holes through which her arms, legs and antlers stick out.

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