The Cast Of The Animal Book Story.

Young Simba(The Lion King)-Mowgli

Po(Kung Fu Panda)-Baloo

Danny(Cat's Don't Dance)-Bagheera

King Julian(Madagascar)-King Louie

Tai Lung(Kung Fu Panda)-Shere Khan

Sir Hiss(Robin Hood)-Kaa

Tantor(Tarzan)-Colonel Hathi

Ellie(Ice Age)-Whinifred

Lumpy(Pooh)-Coloneal Hathi Jr.

Iago(Aladdin),Zazu(The Lion King),Scuttle(The Little Mermaid),Crane(Kung Fu Panda)-The Vultures

Wolf Packs,Kate,Humphry,Winston,Tony(Alpha and Omega)-The Wolfs

The Mammoths(Ice Age 2:The MeltDown)-The Singing Elephants

Maurice(Madagascar)-Flunky the Baboon

The Leamers(Madagscar)-Other Monkeys

Young Kiara(The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride)-Shanti