The Tiger and the Cat Movie Story Cast

Young Shere Khan(Jungle Cubs)-Young Todd

Oliver(Oliver and Company)-Young Copper

Lambert the Lion Cub(Lambert the Sheepish Lion)-Baby Todd

Tai Lung (Kung Fu Panda)-Cheif

Timmon(The Lion King)-Dinky

Pummba(The Lion King)-Boomer

Tigger(Pooh)-Adult Todd

Danny(Cat's Don't Dance)-Adult Copper

Nita(Brother Bear 2)-Big Mamma

Tigress(Kung Fu Panda)-Vixey

Jasmine(Aladdin)-Widdow Tweed

Jafar(Aladdin)-Amos Slade

Malefacint Dragon Form(Sleeping Beauty)-The Bear

Adult Kiara(The Lion King 2:Simba's Pride)-Todd's Mother

Bandzai(The Lion King)-The Badger

Mantis(Kung Fu Panda)-The Porqupine