The Lioness and the Panther(Lady and the Tramp)Movie Story Cast

Adult Kiara(The Lion King 2)-Lady

Bagheera(Jungle Book)-Tramp

Danny(Cat's Don't Dance)-Jock

Thomas O'Mally(The Aristocats)-Trusty

Aladdin and Jasmine(Aladdin)-Darling and Jim Dear

Zira and Vitani(The Lion King 2)-Si and Am

Mulan(Mulan)-Aunt Sarah

The Ringmaster(Dumbo)-The Dog Cathcer

Scrat(Ice Age)-The Rat

Young Bagheera(Jungle Cubs)-Scamp

Young Nala(The Lion King)-Girl Puppy#1

Young Vitani(The Lion King)-Girl Puppy#2

Marie(The Aristocats)-Girl Puppy #3

Young Kiara(The Lion King 2)-Puppy Lady

Gaston(Beauty and the Beast)-Joe

Lefou(Beauty and the Beast)-Tony

Other Dogs and Zoo animals-themselfs

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