The Little Mer-Lost Princess Trilogy

The Cast

Rapunzel(Tangled)-Ariel Flynn Rider(Tangled)-Eric Oliver(Oliver and Company)-Flounder Dr.Cockroach(Monsters VS Aliens)-Sebastian Blu(Rio)-Scuttle Splinter(TMNT,2012)-King Triton The Sultan(Aladdin)-Grimsby Doug(UP)-Max Lucy Wilde(Despicable Me 2)-Carlotta Jennifer "Jenny" Fox worth(Oliver and Company)-Melody Timmon and Pummba(The Lion King)-Tip and Dash Mother Gothel(Tangled)-Ursula Karai(TMNT,2012)-Ursula as Vanessa Si and Am(Lady and the Tramp)-Flotsam and Jetsam Madame Medusa(The Rescuers)-Morgana Banzai and Ed(The Lion King)-Cloak and Dagger Marie,Berlioz,Toulouse,Young Edmund(The Aristocats & Rock-A-Doodle)-Flounder's Guppies Shere Khan(The Jungle Book)-Glut the Shark Jafar's Snake Form(Aladdin)-Undertow Young Kaa(Jungle Cubs)-Undertow's Small Form Cody(The Rescuers Down Under)-Handsome Boy Tang Shen(TMNT,2012)-Queen Athena Megara(Hercules)-Aquata Jasmine(Aladdin)-Andrina April O'Neil(TMNT,2012)-Arista Mavis(Hotel Transylvania)-Attina Merida(BRAVE,2012)-Adela Tiana(The Princess and the Frog)-Alana Michelangelo(TMNT,2012)-Shelbow Tito(Oliver and Company)-Swifty Scat Cat(The Aristocats)- Ray-Ray Po(Kung Fu Panda)-Ink Spot B.O.B(Monsters VS Aliens)-Cheeks Pooh(Winnie the Pooh)-Benjamin Yzma(The Emperors New Groove)-Marina Del Ray Roscoe and DeSoto(Oliver and Company)-The Eels