SpecSpiderman V3 early

This is the supposed third and final season of The Spectacular Spider-Man.


Episode Number Title Summary
27 Powerless! Beetle shows up in New York and gets into a fight with Spider-Man, which results in him losing his powers.
28 Breakout! Chameleon and Beetle team up to orchestrate a daring jailbreak in which all of Spider-Man's foes his put behind bars, escape and due to his desire to help, Peter's powers return and he must capture Beetle.
29 Something Shocking Now on high alert, Spider-Man must stop Shocker from stealing fuel cells to power up his shockwaves as well as catch crooks.
30 Venom Returns Eddie Brock is injected by Chameleon with the symbiote and starts hunting down Peter's friends. Spider-Man must stop his former friend from killing the ones he loves.
31 Perfect Day When things start going Peter's way, he believes it's the best day ever until he realizes he's under a spell of his dream and confronts Green Goblin, Nightmare and Doctor Octopus in their strongest forms.
32 Super Cover Peter takes the role of a spy in the Big Man's office with Marko when he discovers Rhino is after him after he heads after his paycheck.
33 Three on One Green Goblin returns and sends Silver Sable, Vulture and the newly created Scorpion to obtain a sample of his DNA.
34 Venomous vs. Carnivorous Norman captures Peter and reveals he knows his secret and injects him with Venom's offspring. The result: Carnage and Venom fighting themselves and the whole city.
35 Six vs Two Spider-Man and Harry look for Connors after he sends out a call for emergency, only for them to have to fight Doctor Octopus, Lizard, Electro, Kraven, Beetle and Scorpion at the same time under orders from Green Goblin.
36 Fire Fight Mark returns, stronger than ever and Peter forces Miles Warren to tell him the formula to turn Molten Man back to normal permanently.
37 Old Friends Carnage, alive from the previous fight, bonds with Cletus Kasady, a criminal Spider-Man previously put behind bars. Now, he must stop him and may have to team up with none other than Venom to take him down.
38 Friend or Foe Part One Mysterio and Tinkerer take five meteors containing shards of Venom and put them into P.H.A.N.T.O.M. robots, pitting them against Spider-Man, Venom, Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus, controlling Harry in New Goblin armor.
39 Friend or Foe Part Two Forced to team up with three of his worst foes, Spider-Man must save Gwen from Mysterio and Tinkerer. He may have to don the black suit and reveal his secret to do it.
40 Rhino Charge Doctor Octopus causes Scorpion to steal the armor used on Alex O'Hirn and uses it to create an army of Rhino/Scorpion minions.
41 Gargan Chase Breaking into Otto's hideout, Spider-Man discovers Scorpion is being forced to do military purposes. He must free Gargan from the mind control beams and stay alive
42 End of the Octopus Freed from Doc Ock's control, Mac and Spider-Man head after him to save Jessica Andrews and defeat him for good.
43 Hunt the Hunter Kraven, using one of the Rhino/Scorpion robots, starts hunting animals to create a new army with Miles' aid. Spider-Man must hunt him down and reclaim a weapon stolen from a museum.
44 Harry's Big Score When Harry discovers a tiny fragment of the Venom meteor, he uses it to gain power in an unstable Carnage-like symbiote monster.
45 Electrifying Electro heads after Doctor Connors in hopes there will be nothing that can change him back and Spidey must stop him.
46 Chasedown Harry changes into New Goblin and targets Liz, Mary Jane, Gwen and May, including others in the city.
47 Gloublin Goblan In using his father's Globulin Green serum on himself, Harry mutates and becomes angered, chasing Spider-Man for revenge.
48 Return of the Goblin Following from the last episode, Norman Osborn severely injures Harry and obtains a weapon that could kill him and all of New York.
49 Lizard Breath Extracting liquid essence from Doctor Connors, Harry Osborn creates an army of lizards and sends them to gain a lab from ESU, threatening Connors himself.
50 The Tiger Black Cat uses a Tiger Amulet to turn herself into a tiger and attacks Spider-Man.
51 P.H.A.N.T.O.M. Mayhem Part One Everyone at Midtown is turned into P.H.A.N.T.O.M.s by Norman and forced to attack Spider-Man, mixed with the DNA of the Lizard, Scorpion, Venom and Shocker's weapons.
52 P.H.A.N.T.O.M. Mayhem Part Two Green Goblin and Venom team up against Spider-Man with Harry's aid and the rest of P.H.A.N.T.O.M.s. Can they win and save Gwen, Mary Jane and Liz?