[Po:You guys,this is all Master Splinter's fault!]

[Leo-Angelo=Shut up Po!

[Po: Master Splinter is one who started giving us extra training and it's all because hes a big, fat, stupid,old ra-]

[Leo-Angelo: Don't you dare say it Po!]

P: Weeeeellllllll

[Leo-Angelo: Don't do it Po!]

P: Weeeeellll

[Leo-Angelo: I'm warining you!]

[P:Ok ok..]

[Leo-Angelo: I'm getting sick of him calling my dad a-]

Po: Well, have you ever met my friend Master Splinter
He's the oldest rat in the whole wide world,
He's a stupid idiot,
If there ever was an idiot,
He's an idiot to all the boys and girls.


P:On Monday he's an idiot,
On Tuesday he's an idiot,
On Wednesday through Saturday, he's a moron,
Then on Sunday, just to be different,
He's a super kingkong kameha-meha idiat!

[Po: C'mon, you all know the words!]

[Mantis: I'm In!]

[Monkey: Same Here!]

[Mikey: Aha SWEET! A sing along!]

[Raph: Me and Spike wanna protest with you guys!]

[Casey: I'm on time to start protesting against a giant creature with whiskers and a tail!]

[Sora: *rolls her eyes* Good Grief!]

Po, Monkey, Mantis, Raph, Mikey, & Casey :Have you ever met my friend Master Splinter,
He's the smellist rat in the whole wide world
                                             He's a mean old rat''''' and he has stupid fur'''''                                          

   He is a big big big big idiot  Po: dumb dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb he is really dumb,

[Monkey, Mantis, Raph, Mikey & Casey: Whoo!]

Po: Splinter's really dumb and he's such a stupid rat

[Monkey, Mantis,Raph, Mikey & Casey: Whoo!]

Po: Talk to kids around the world it might go a little bit somethin like this.

**Translations in Japaneese, French, Dutch and African**

Po, Monkey, Mantis,Raph, Mikey, & Casey :Have you ever met my friend Master Splinter,
He's the stupedest rat in the whole wide world,
He's a mean old rat,
And he has stupid fur, he is a big big big big idiot
(Splinter appears behind Po, looking un-amused)

[All: *gasp*]

Po: dumb,dumb,dumb,dumb,dumb,dumb,dumb He is really dumb,

[Sora and Bandit: Uh..Po?]

Po: Splinter is an idiot and he's such a stupid rat

I really mean it!

Turtles dad...

He's a big fat stupid rat!!

Big ol' fat stupid rat!

Turtles Dad!!!



(Song finnishes, Sora and Bandit are shocked while Leo has his eyes widened and is jaw dropped to the ground)

[Po: What?]

(Po gets up, turns around and see's Splinter is in front of him)

[Po: Oh darn!]

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